Darryl Rempel - AltaLink

My name is Darryl Rempel and I am the South Transmission Facilities Specialist for AML. I am tasked with accepting and providing QA on projects both Integrated and EPC‎ for AML. I have been the lead commissioner and lines acceptor for the last 3 years and have. Been involved with energizing approximately 2 billion in projects over the past 3 years.

We have all evolved in our QA/QC and acceptance process over the past few years. We are turning out a high caliber asset with aid of HVE on most of my major projects in AML's South service territory. I have come to know, trust and respect the work that they have been providing us with their inspections of our tower assembly and line stringing QA.

HVE have been very thorough and detailed with their inspections and reporting. There is a monumental amount of work being undertaken right now and HVE has been their and fulfilled all QA requirements. The reports are very detailed and clearly laid out with photographic evidence of their findings. ‎I am delighted to have HVE performing inspections on our facility prior to my Acceptance inspections.